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Tiny Tim Plaza Residential Program

Santa Ana, CA

The Project:

Multi-Family Building with parking structure on first floor and center courtyard, over concrete deck on the second level, as well as board-formed exterior walls.

The Challenge:

In order to accommodate the large deck pour, we needed to set an additional pump, in the city street located just outside our work area. That distance, combined with a very small work area, made for an especially intricate process. Also, unlike most parking structures, this one features hydraulic lifts to create over-under parking.

Our Work:

Through extensive coordination with city departments and local utilities, we were able to narrow the city street by 12 feet and relocate other aspects of civic infrastructure in order to complete the job. In addition, we needed to work around and within the city’s complex schedule, which forced us to begin the project from the middle and work to the outside.

End Result:

This project was completed on time and on budget.