Anaheim, CA, is an excellent opportunity for commercial builders and business owners looking to set up a new or bigger physical location. A hub of tourism for over half a century, this city is one of the happiest places on earth for a business to set up shop, and therefore one of the happiest places for your commercial build.

Rick Hamm Construction, Inc., offers reliable commercial concrete for every commercial build you complete, and we’re ready to show you just what we can do for your build.

Our Commercial Concrete Services

For over 40 years, Rick Hamm Construction, Inc., has offered reliable commercial construction services to Southern California from our Orange offices. Our commitment to quality is the cornerstone of our values. Family-owned and -operated since we started out, we and our 110+ employees are committed to the quality of your project.

We never cut corners on your builds — not with materials, not with our process, and certainly not with safety. That’s because at Rick Hamm Construction, Inc., we want your build and the relationships we forge to last the test of time.

For a free estimate on our services for your Anaheim commercial build, get in touch with us today! Reach out online or call us at (714) 532-0815.