Los Angeles, CA, is an ever-expanding city that is home to many people. As more construction takes place, you will want to be sure that your new commercial building is built with sturdy, reliable concrete to ensure its longevity. If you need a trusted commercial concrete supplier for your upcoming construction project in LA, reach out to Rick Hamm Construction.

Your Commercial Concrete Solutions

Whether you need a concrete patch job or an entirely new structure, you can rest assured that our team can get the job done quickly, effectively, and professionally. We pride ourselves on the experience that we have accumulated over four decades in the construction business, and we aim to bring that experience to every job that we perform.

Our commercial concrete services are ideal for a range of construction projects, including parking enclosures, buildings, and patching jobs. With our help, you can create the commercial building of your dreams or repair your current building to a like-new condition.

Do you want to find out more about our services or receive a completely free quote for your upcoming concrete project? If so, contact our helpful team today by calling (714) 532-0815 or filling out our online contact form.