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Beach Point Church

Fountain Valley, CA

The Project:

Create the ground up concrete foundation for a new church multi-purpose building. Also, add a veneer on both the new and existing buildings and include ADA upgrades and concrete paving.

The Challenge:

The project started as an entire rework/revamp of the existing church buildings including extending and retrofitting on each and the new ground up multi-purpose building during an active church. During construction, special precautionary measures were taken to ensure the safety of the church staff and church school. Then, budget restraints threatened to derail the project. The original project scope was reduced to include only necessary work.

Our Work:

We were able to work with our client in order to phase in Items that needed to be completed for safety and code compliance. Our project managers stayed in communication with church staff to communicate needs, requirements, and timelines.

End Result:

We have an excellent relationship with the wonderful folks of Beach Point Church and are thrilled to be able to play a role in supporting their community.