Services RHCI

Construction Services Offerings of RHCI.

  • Residential Construction

    Residential concrete at its finest! Every hardscape and landscape project is anchored by concrete in one way, shape, or form.

    We are a full service concrete, masonry, company with the means of providing and building anything you have seen or imagined. Projects small or large are always a welcome addition to our fine collection of projects.

    Driveways, patios, sidewalks, custom work, stamped concrete, acids stains, clean & seal, tearout & replace, garage slabs. Read more

  • Commercial Construction

    While specializing in Concrete, Masonry, and Demolition we provide services on commercial, warehouses, industrial complexes, strip malls, condominiums, apartments, retail outlets, office buildings or residential homes.

    Parking lots, slabs, sidewalks, tearout & replace, stamped, acids stains, etc. Read more

  • Community Associations

    Our diverse experience in this field allows us to provide a wide spectrum of reconstruction services.

    The special nature of reconstruction work, occurring inside an occupied environment, requires years of expertise and specially trained crews.

    Renovations, Large-Scale Repairs, Deferred Maintenance and Enhancement Projects with proficiency and expertise. Read more

    What types of services does RHCI offer?

    Built on over 35 years experience we are your "go to" contractor on a broad spectrum of specialities, spanning multiple market segments including:

    Foundations, Slab-On-Grade, Structural Concrete, Decorative Concrete, Curb & Gutters, Site Masonry Walls, Pools, Decks, Deck Repair, Metal Works, Wrought Iron, Stucco, Fountains, Drywall, General Contracting, Roll-Off Dumpster Service, and so much more.

    Please see our residential, commercial and community associations pages for a further breakout of services we offer.

    Are you Union?

    RHCI is Non-union, our employees are available for work evenings, Saturdays and Sundays. Have completed several Public Works projects, competent in all reporting requirements.

Can you bond my project?

Absolutely, part of the advantage of RHCI is our solid financial background. With a long perfect credit history, we have the a high bonding capacity and competitive bond rates for your next project.

What licenses does RHCI carry?

State of California Contractors License - 495184

General Contractor (B1), Concrete Contractor (C8), Building Moving/Demolition Contractor (C21), Masonry Contractor (C29), and Swimming Pool (C53).

What other services does RHCI offer?

RHCI owns and operates a roll-off Dumpster service, eliminating the frustration of coordinating delivery and pick-up with a third party.